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19 Jul, 2019

Cele mai recente ştiri ISO


  1. Shape a new future with innovation management standards
    Innovation isn’t just having a few bright ideas. It’s about creating value and helping organizations continuously adapt and evolve. ISO is developing a new series of International Standards on innovation...
  2. Imagining the future of video? Enter the World Standards Day #futurevideo contest!
    Could we visit a doctor via video? How will video change education? Could holograms let us be in two places at once? What new experiences will Virtual Reality bring, and how will Augmented Reality change...
  3. New ISO standard for urban resilience in development
    Urbanization is increasing, placing pressure on resources and infrastructure like never before. There’s no stemming the tide, so city leaders need to build resilience in order to cope. Work on a new International...
  4. Travel in depth with the latest ISOfocus
    Whether you’re headed to the Amazon, the Seychelles or the local lake, your journey starts here.
  5. The colour of sustainable tourism
    As tourism outpaces other industries – international tourist arrivals increased by 6 % in 20181) – the sector is experiencing a revitalization. Adventure, responsible and green travel are reinventing the...