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25 Jan, 2020

Cele mai recente ştiri ISO


  1. New international guidance set to improve social responsibility in the global food chain
    Social responsibility is not only good for business, it is everyone’s business. New international guidance for the agri-food sector has just been published.
  2. Capitalizing on human capital: international guidance on competence management just updated
    Ensuring people have the right skills for the job is a key element of an organization’s success. A recently revised and revamped International Standard will help integrate competence management into its …
  3. Top 5: Standards for accessible travel
    Holiday time is upon many of us! And while all of us hope for stress-free travels, it’s especially important to remove unnecessary barriers for the 1 billion people in the world who live with some kind …
  4. Making our world accessible with ISO standards
    Over a billion people around the world have some form of disability.1 Empowerment and inclusiveness of this large section of the population are therefore essential for a sustainable society, and make up …
  5. Partners in health
    While some countries have made great progress toward universal health coverage, half the world’s population are still unable to obtain the health services they need. ISO’s collaboration with the World Health Organization …